Our Approach

The Mountfield Way

We produce low quantities of first class sparkling wines in an artisan way. The vineyard has 14,000 vines of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier which is small enough that we can look after every plant carefully throughout the season. We believe canopy management is the best tool we have for getting the best fruit, which is very labour intensive.

Harvest Time

At harvest we are able to get grapes into the press without any delay which is very helpful for fruit quality. We ferment our wines in both stainless steel and oak barrels which adds complexity.

We also blend wines from earlier years where possible to add more layers of taste and we intend to long age a good proportion of our wines, for which there is of course no short cut. Over time we will build up a library with some old sparkling wines available.

Everything we do is designed to produce a limited amount of complex sparkling wine that will stand the test of time.