Update during lockdown

28 November 2018

We are continuing with our 2 box bottle packs as they are proving very popular - mainly as gifts to cheer friends up we think ! 

The harvest is finished

20 October 2017

We picked the pinot noir and pinot meunier on 30th Sept and 1st October - good sugars and low tartaric acids and about 7 tons. Then the chardonnay was picked on 11th and 12th October at about 10 tons - very good sugars though slightly higher acidity. I had managed to crack 2 ribs in between the picks which didn't help! All in all a very good harvest and such a relief to have it done. The juice is now fermenting gently in tank and barrel and the vineyard is starting to lose its leaf and go to sleep.

The frost has been the worst in living memory

8 May 2017


We have just survived the worst frost to hit UK vineyards in 20 years. We were incredibly lucky as vineyards nearby did get affected and people are forecasting approximately 50% loss of vines across the country - the frost came to us on Wednesday 26th April but it didn't get too far below zero here, so we didn't lose anything.